OGF (Finance) system outage: Tuesday, June 12 2012 07:40 AM

At approximately 7:40 AM, Tuesday June 12, the OGF database server crashed due to a hardware failure. The failure affects Oracle Financials and Markview. Tech Support is currently on its way to investigate the problem. An update will be provided shortly.

UPDATE: The root cause of the problem seems to be a failed power supply on an IBM SAN switch (no redundancy supported).    IBM Support has been contacted, but the system will likely be unavailable for ~3 hours.   In the interim, technical support will investigate the possibility to move affected systems to another switch and recover systems before the failed switch is fixed.

UPDATE 2: The system will be unavailable all morning.

UPDATE 3: The vendor shipped the wrong part and the correct part is being shipped.  We now expect to recover the system by mid-afternoon.

UPDATE: The OGF & Markview services were restored just before 6:00 AM on Wednesday, June 13.  

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